1. Yohannes Abebe

    Practice Lead, Senior Director, Transport & Vertical Structure

  2. Lorelle Atkinson

    Acting Vice President for Public Affairs, Department of Congressional and Public Affairs

  3. Mahmoud Bah

    Acting Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

  4. Robert Blau

    Vice President, Department of Compact Operations

  5. Jonathan Brooks

    Managing Director, Europe, Asia, Pacific, and Latin America

  6. Michelle Cigarruista

    Program Officer, Georgia

  7. Sarah Crawford

    Director, Office of Strategic Partnerships

  8. Himesh Dhungel

    Country Team Lead, Nepal

  9. Alexander Dixon

    Practice Lead, Senior Director, Finance, Investment, & Trade

  10. Lisa Dougherty-Choux

    Program Officer, Morocco

  11. Evan Freund

    Country Team Lead, Philippines

  12. Prabhat Garg

    Practice Lead, Senior Director, Procurement

  13. Rick Gaynor

    Practice Lead and Senior Director, Agriculture and Land

  14. James A. Gerard

    Managing Director, Threshold Program

  15. Jessica Glickman

    Program Officer, Malawi

  16. Melissa Ho

    Managing Director, Africa

  17. Thomas G. Hohenthaner

    Acting Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

  18. Kyeh Kim

    Principal Deputy Vice President, Africa Region, Department of Compact Operations

  19. Sam Kwon

    Acting Practice Lead Senior Director, Energy

  20. Melissa LaReau

    Program Officer, Mongolia & Georgia

  21. Chris Maloney

    Managing Director, Selection and Eligibility

  22. James Mazzarella

    Acting Vice President for Congressional Affairs, Department of Congressional and Public Affairs

  23. Jonathan Nash

    Acting Chief Executive Officer

  24. Katerina Ntep

    Managing Director, Sector Operations

  25. Sarah Olmstead

    Country Team Lead, Kosovo

  26. Claudia Pirela

    MCC Program Officer, Guatemala and Honduras Threshold Programs

  27. Kumar Ranganathan

    Practice Lead, Senior Director, Water and Sanitation Infrastructure

  28. Agnieszka Rawa

    MCC Managing Director, Data Collaboratives for Local Impact

  29. Jonathan Richart

    Acting Deputy Vice President, Infrastructure, Environment and Private Sector (IEPS)

  30. Laura Rudert

    Country Team Lead, Senegal

  31. Geroldine Sicot

    Program Officer, Ghana

  32. Jason Small

    Managing Director, Africa

  33. Lona Stoll

    MCC Deputy Vice President for Sector Operations

  34. Fatema Z. Sumar

    Regional Deputy Vice President, Europe, Asia, Pacific and Latin America

  35. Amir Tejpar

    Program Officer, Philippines

  36. Jennifer Windsor

    Practice Lead, Senior Director, Gender and Social Inclusion